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Moving to Hype 1.6

For Apple’s Sandbox requirements, Hype 1.6 introduces a change in the output folder name which will need to be corrected in Freeway by the user. This is a fairly straightforward task, but sadly not one that can be wholly automated by Freeway Actions. You will need to do this for any Hype animation you have published using Hype version 1.6 (or higher).

IMPORTANT - in Hype 1.6.1, the name of the resources folder produced by hype has changed to <projectname>.hyperesources. Download the latest version of the Action and amend your Freeway file accordingly.

Step 1 - download and install the new Hype Actions suite. You will find the download on this page.

Step 2 - save your Freeway project (if it is open) and quit Freeway. What needs to be done is best done outside of Freeway’s view, which will help reduce any complications caused by moved or deleted resources later on.

Step 3 - open your Hype project. Also locate the folder that has been output by Hype.


Delete this folder - move it to the Trash and in Finder, and Empty the trash. Now use Hype to regenerate this folder. In Hype, go to File>Export as HTML5>Folder…

Step 4 - Start Freeway and open your web site project.


In the site pane, locate the ProjectName_Resources folder.


Rename it to ProjectName.hyperesources - note the full stop instead of the underscore character, and the lower case “r” in “resources”.

Step 5 - Locate the Hype Support Action on the page in the ProjectName.hyperesources folder. Open the Actions palette if it is not already open.


As before, locate one of the .js files output by Hype using the JavaScript drop down. Also click on the Reset button. This clears out any references to older files in the Action. Do not choose one of the HYPE-xxxx.js files as these names will change, and Freeway may lose track of them.

Step 6 - Now find the page the Hype Animation will appear. Click on the Action on the page to reveal the Action’s interface.


In the Hype Items drop down, you will need to select the animation.

There is a Hype Version drop down. It will be set to 1.6 by default.

Step 7 - Publish and preview your animation to ensure it’s working properly in Freeway.


The Hype Object Action will default to Hype 1.6 output - if you have any Hype 1.5 animations that you do not wish to output as 1.6 at the moment, just switch this option to 1.5.