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Using the Hype Support Actions

When you have made your Hype animation, output it as an HTML 5 folder. You will get a folder output with an HTML file and a Resources folder (much like Freeway). The Resources folder will be named with the name you used to export the project - such as “photos.resources”. Important - avoid using spaces, underscore characters and other punctuation. To keep everything comfortable within Freeway, use a single word.

In Freeway, create a folder with the same name as the project resources folder.

Create an HTML page inside that folder and sketch an instance of the Hype Support Action on the page. Use the Action to select one of the JavaScript files in the Hype generated HTML folder. I recommend using the pprojectName_hype_generated.js with Hype 3 as the HYPE.js file name will change as newer versions are issued.

On a page in Freeway, draw out an instance of the Hype Object Action. Use the dropdown in the Action Palette to select the Hype animation you wish to use. Make sure the width and height are the same as in the animation settings in Hype

IMPORTANT: the page and the .resources folder MUST be on the same level in your site’s directory structure.

Publish and Preview. Your animation should run and play.

No Script

It is now possible to select another layered item on the page and use that as the animation’s NoScript object. This is content presented to the user when JavaScript is not present. Note - each animation must have its own NoScript object if you use this feature. The Action consumes the object when it creates its content.

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