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Spawn New Window

Spawn New Window Suite

This suite of Actions lets you trigger new windows from image and text links, and gives you a high degree of control over the new window when it is opened. It’s a very popular Action which is now steeped in Freeway history. The Actions work with Freeway 5.4.2 Pro and above.

The Spawn New Window Suite’s functionality and features are detailed below.

iPad Friendly

Version 4 of the Spawn New Window Suite includes functionality to open windows in an iPad friendly way. More…

Unified Interface

All the Actions now sport a unified user interface. However, apart from obvious differences to aid functionality, all the SNW Actions have a central core of common elements.

Slave Chains

All the Actions now communicate with each other. This means that you can quickly copy window settings across a whole site at the click of a button. Set one instance of any SNW Suite Action as a Master Item, choose a slave chain and click the button. Any other Actions in that slave chain will inherit the window settings from the master. Similarly, a new occurrence of any SNW Suite Action can be made to inherit the master settings from that slave chain.

No Javascript Required

Yup - Javascript free browsers can now benefit from new windows too - at least with the Spawn New window and the inline text version. These Actions will now open a new browser window (using the target="_blank" method) which is called into effect if the browser does not support JavaScript. You won’t be able to control the size or features the new window supports, but you do get a new window.

Slimmer JavaScript

The Suite creates modular functions – so if you have 5 windows ready to spawn on a page, and they are all use identical settings, then you will now only get one window function called, instead of five identical functions (which is what the previous versions of the Actions did).