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Installing CSS3 PIE

Installing CSS3 Pie is pretty straightforward. The Action supplies a button which will launch Safari, download the relevant file and pen the Finder folder for you to drag the files into.

1 - Draw an HTML Box on the page and apply the Paul’s Buttons Action to it. You will get a warning window telling you that PIE has not been installed. On this window, and open the Action Palette (Window>Actions)

2 - Scroll down to the bottom of the Action and click on the Install PIE button.


2 - A Safari window will open, and it will display the PIE Web site as well as downloading a small .zip file to your Downloads folder. A message will appear informing you of this.


3 - Open your Downloads folder and locate the PIE zip file. It will look something like this:


4 - Double click on the .zip file and it will be unpacked. You will get a folder like this:


5 - Open the folder. There will be a number of files. Select them all.


6 - Finder will have opened a window titled ~ActionsWorld Support - move these files into that folder:


7 - You can now close the Finder windows and carry on using the Action in Freeway.

Please remember - CSS3PIE offers a way of bringing some CSS3 features to Internet Explorer. Buttons can look very different in that browser to other more recent CSS3 able ones.