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About buying Actions from ActionsWorld

This page explains a little about my decision to use PayPal to sell my Actions. I know that PayPal is not the favourite of a number of folk, but there are some major plusses that I am about to expand on.

Important - I am using a system which communicates with PayPal to give you downloads instantly by email. If you have any problems, let me know.


In the course of investigating how I should handle paid for Actions, I took a look at a number of on-line services. As well as PayPal, I looked at Kagi and Esellerate. Both these offer similar services to PayPal, and both take a slice of the Action. That slice could be as much as 15 to 20% depending on sales. Esellerate offered electronic download with their package, whereas KAGI required more money for this.

Because I don’t live in the US, I immediately get stung by currency conversion charges AND fees to send the money to me, either postally or electronically. What's worse is that the Banks in the UK attach an extra fee to receive funds from abroad, and convert them. So, from a sale of £50, I could lose over half of that in charges. The only way to counter that is to have such a ridiculously high ceiling before payment is sent, I would probably never see anything! Of course, you’d rather that your money goes to me (you are, after all, paying me for the Action), rather than to the banks. PayPal DO take a slice, but it's pretty modest in comparison to the others.

PayPal has a European base and allows conversion of currency at a competitive rate. They also inject bank accounts with the native currency, so I don’t get stung so badly. Of course, I lose the electronic downloads (something I wanted initially), but I do get to see most of the money you pay me.

If you don’t want to pay me via PayPal, but you do want an action that I am selling, then please contact me to arrange the transfer of UK currency to me.