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iPad Friendly Windows

On an iOS device, when you trigger a new window, Safari will create a new page and display that in favour of the page you were currently viewing. The notion of creating a new window in the familiar desktop fashion is lost. Spawn New Window gets around that by creating a new window on the page. Just switch on the iPad Friendly check box!

Try it by clicking this text: Open A New Window

This Action generates an iFrame to hold the new content. It is recommended not to produce content that requires the iFrame to be scrolled as there are reported problems with this and iOS version of Safari. Keep your content to the size of the window for now.

This feature requires Freeway 5.4.2 or higher.

Note for iOS Displayed Sites

The way iOS displays a website is different to the way a desktop browser does. A desktop machine will display the web page in a window, and attach scroll bars where necessary. These scroll bars move the page around the window.

iOS is different. As you are aware, iOS is touch focussed, and is designed for use on very small screens (iPhone, for example). As a result, the way a web page is displayed is very different. Firstly, there is no window in the way that you would expect to find on a desktop machine (even on an iPad with its larger screen). Instead of scrolling around a page, causing content to move in a window, in iOS you are moving a “viewport” around. The page stays static, but the view is moves as you use your fingers to move the page around. The illusion is one of scrolling, but it isn’t scrolling in the way that you would be used to.

To make this easy to understand, imagine you have a book or a magazine page. You will also need a small cardboard frame to look at the page through. The centre hole of the frame is analogous to the viewport in the iPad or iPhone. To move the page around, you need to move the frame, not the page. The frame also lets you magnify or shrink the page by moving it closer or further away. This is what happens as you flick and pinch your way around a web page on an iOS device.

This is why that, even if the new window is displayed with the “iPad Friendly” option ON, you can still scroll the web page around in the background. This scrolling can be disabled (handily with a single JavaScript command), but it seems that there is no easy way to reverse this. The current option is to disable scrolling and then write custom scrolling code to return functionality as needed (or not). Right now, the Action lets the iOS device work without this kind of hack.

iPhone and iPod Touch
There is far less screen real estate to work with on the smaller iOS devices. This is partly down to the physical size of the screen, but also down to the control and tool bars these devices display. It is likely that a web page which Spawns a New Window that is just a hit too big may be obscured by this. Remember that people using iPhones and iPod touches will be pinching to zoom in far more than an iPad user would be, and that a web page that works fine on an iPad may require more manual manipulations on the smaller iOS devices. It is recommended that you use the very handy Actions from Softpress to sniff out iPHones and serve a more custom scaled page for those devices.