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Text Flow

How It Works

Using this Action is very, very simple. You MUST be using HTML 4 or XHTML to use this Action , as you will need to use layers. This Action writes some cunning CSS to create this effect.

1 - Import your graphic

2 - Draw an Image Map over the graphic. The line must be vertical - and avoid using horizontal lines. Make sure that the line is not parented to other items on the page.

3 - Draw a LAYERED HTML text box over the graphic box, covering the line. Put some text it in.

4 - Apply the Action to the box and select the line as either a Left or Right Path

In Freeway 5, when you publish, you will see a preview of the layout, including the text flowing around the item.

You should provide space for your text to expand vertically, as the area covered by the HTML box will be partly padded by extra content to provide the spacing necessary.

The Block Height slider allows you to control the height of the repelling blocks. The smaller the block height, the more accurate the repelling will be, but more code will be generated. It's best to make the block height equal to the text size (including leading).

NB - because of the methods used to achieve this effect, this Action is not compatible with the Text Box Decoration Action, which will fail if both Actions are applied to the same item. I am looking into a solution for this issue.

The Action works by adding a string of _clear.gif images to the text, and adding a "float:left" and/or "float:right" attribute to the image’s style. This causes the images to repel the text in the box - so by altering the width of each graphic, you get text with curved margins!