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CSS3 Buttons

Paul’s Buttons can now create pure CSS3 styled buttons. The process is very simple – draw out an HTML box, type in your button text and apply the Paul’s Buttons Action to it. Making the button a link is as simple as selecting her HTML text and using Freeway’s hyperlink window. The Action will turn that link into one which occupies the whole button.

You will be given a number of options to work with, as well as a drop down with some pre-designed themes. There is also an option that lets you save your design so you can use it again and again.

This Action creates two folders in your Actions folder - one to store your custom saved themes, and one for support files (see below).

Note - drop shadows will not be shown. This is because they fall outside the perimeter of the HTML box containing the button, which is in line with Freeway’s handling of such decoration. Freeway’s preview system for Actions can’t draw outside of the boundary. To view the shadows, use Freeway’s Preview tab.

A note about Older Browsers

This Action uses CSS3 to achieve its desired effects. Older browsers may not display the buttons as well as modern browsers will. The CSS will degrade gracefully, but just be aware that these buttons will not look consistently the same on every browser. If you want consistency, use the Graphic version of the Action.

The Action also relies on using a CSS behaviour file called to get some of the feature working in Internet Explorer. CSS3 Pie gives Internet Explorer some (but not all) features that this Action offers. It is also not supported by me.

When you first use the Action you may well get an dialogue button warning you that it it not yet present. This page will tell you more about how to install CSS3 PIE.