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Joomla Main Content

This Action lets you design the appearance of the main content pane of the site.

It is a WYSIWYG tool which presents a live preview of various kinds of content that will appear in this part of the template. When the site it published, it will generate the CSS necessary to display the content.

Defining Styles in Freeway

It is also possible to use Freeway designed styles instead of labourously wading through the Actions Palette.


Start off by defining the style in the Freeway styles editor. However, instead of putting the name of the style in the Name field, put it in the Tag field instead. Don’t forget a leading full stop (see above - the style is named .MainText). This is important. Also ensure that Freeway will NOT be publishing external CSS files (File>Document Setup). The Joomla Actions will take care of that for you.

Publish the site.


In the Actions Palette, make sure that Define Styles and Use Freeway Styles are switched on. Now select a style for each of the options offered.

If you add or delete a style, and want to use them in this way, you must publish the site. This is because the Actions only get access to Freeway’s styles when the page is being published.